When Things Don’t Go as Planned

What Happens if my FDANZ Funeral Director goes out of Business?

No matter what happens in the future to the FDANZ Funeral Director you arrange your plan through, you will be protected because all the money you prepay is held in Trust in the separate FDANZ Funeral Trust.

Can I Change my Mind?

If you change your mind about the details of your prearrangement, simply contact your FDANZ Funeral Director and make the necessary changes.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the provisions of the Trust you may, within 21 days from application, cancel the agreement and receive a full refund of all amounts paid.

Can I Withdraw my Prepayment before I Die?

The purpose of the plan is to set money aside towards the cost of your funeral.  For this reason it is not possible to withdraw your prepayment unless:

  • You have permanently emigrated from New Zealand; or
  • In the case of extreme financial hardship the Trustee (at its sole discretion) may allow for prepaid funds to be returned.

What Happens if I Die in Another Town?

If the funeral is not conducted by the Funeral Director with whom the prearrangement was completed, but is conducted by another FDANZ Funeral Director that firm will be able to use the prepaid funds to make payment towards the cost of the funeral.

If the funeral is subsequently conducted by a firm that is not a member of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, the Executor of the  Estate may apply to the Trustee for the funds to pay the funeral account.