Take the Time to Talk

Most people want to know that they, in some way, made a difference in this world.  It can help reacquaint families with their loved ones and help them to get to know their family member in a new and different way.

Sitting down with loved ones to talk about their lives can be rich and satisfying.  Learning about memorable events and people, places and favourite activities, values and lessons they have learnt can help bring them close to those they care about most.  The talk helps family reaffirm to their loved ones how much they have impacted their life.

Taking time to talk to each other doesn't have to be a one time occurrence.  Rather, it is a beginning of a dialogue during which families can openly talk about a number of things - from reflecting on the past to planning for the future.

The things which are discussed may also be helpful when they must make important decisions in the future about how they wish to remember and celebrate their loved ones.   Our funeral directors tell us that less than 20% of the bereaved families they deal with have discussed funeral arrangements with their loved ones. Family members spend anxious days assembling information and trying to remember hasty conversations about preferences for a final farewell while they are upset and stressed.   Starting simple conversations and even keeping records of the discussions are an easy way to help family in the future - a final gift to them.  

The desire for simplicity with regards to one's own final arrangements is very common.  Recognising loved ones' fundamental need to gather, remember and celebrate their life and achievements is the key to understanding why this talk is extremely important.

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