What happens once I’ve applied?

You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your application along with a Certificate detailing the amount you have prepaid towards your funeral.  This will contain all the information you will need, plus a second copy of the details for your relatives or executor, along with simple instructions on how to claim when the time comes.

What happens when I die?

When you die your family will arrange your funeral with your FDANZ Funeral Director in accordance with the plans you have made.  Your FDANZ Funeral Director will arrange for the costs of the funeral to be paid from your prepayment.

If any money remains after the cost of the funeral has been met, this will be returned to your estate.  If your prepayment doesn't cover the cost of your funeral your FDANZ Funeral Director will make arrangements with your family or estate for the balance.

If you are a Joint Participant, further options will be discussed with your surviving spouse/partner taking into account any instructions provided when the joint prearrangement was put in place.

What services will be provided as part of my prearrangement?

The services provided to you will be in accordance with the prearrangement you have made with your FDANZ Funeral Director. These services may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Provision of professional services
  • Provision of a casket
  • Burial or cremation
  • Registration of Death with authorities
  • Liaison with Local Authorities as required

Additional services will be provided in accordance with the arrangements you have made with your FDANZ Funeral Director.

While the money set aside for prepayment may cover the cost of these services, be aware costs can change and it is recommended that when the time comes, family check the prearrangement details against the funds available.

Where does the money go?

The Trustees of the FDANZ Funeral  Trust hold your money in Trust for you until it is needed.

The funds held in the FDANZ Funeral Trust may earn interest which the Trustees are able to allocate to your prepayment.

Any funds the Trustees invest will be placed with a reputable financial institution.