Create A Plan Today

Create a Funeral Plan in two easy steps

1. Choose a Funeral Home

2.Create Funeral Plan

There are two simple ways you can begin your Funeral Plan now. Either use our quick online form and send it off to your selected Funeral Home today - or download the form, print it off, complete it at your leisure and deliver or post it soon.  

Online Form

Begin by selecting your preferred funeral home then use the "Create a Funeral Plan" button to take you directly to the form.  You may like to download the form first so you have time to think about your choices. You can note your preferences for your final arrangements  - including things you might not want. Once you're ready to complete all or parts of the form, hit "Submit" and your plan will be sent to your selected funeral home with a copy to you for your records.  

Prefer to Print and Post the Form?

If you'd rather not send us your Funeral Plan online you can download a printable copy and post it to the Funeral Home of your choice.